Jodie Comer reacts to Ryan Reynolds saying Disney wants Free Guy 2 »Jam Facts

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Jodie Comer reacts to Ryan Reynolds saying Disney wants Free Guy 2 »Jam Facts

Jodie Comer, who played Molotov Girl in Free boy, reacts to Ryan Reynolds by revealing that Disney wants a sequel to the popular movie. Free boy It hit theaters in August to positive reviews from both critics and fans, and considering the pandemic environment in which it was released, it performed exceptionally well at the box office. The Disney movie follows a bank teller named Guy, played by Reynolds, who discovers that he is actually a non-player character in a video game. Guy decides to take control of his own life and become his own hero.

Although she is known by many fans as Villanelle from Killing Eve, Comer has recently burst onto the Hollywood scene in a big way with her role in Free boy and her upcoming role as Marguerite de Carrouges on Ridley Scott The last duel. The character of Eat in Free boyMillie, also known as Molotov Girl, proved to be a huge hit with audiences and becomes a key player in the film’s climax, ultimately helping Guy defeat the film’s villain, played by Taika Waititi. The ending of the film doesn’t exactly hint at a sequel, but Reynolds tweeted in August that Disney wanted one nonetheless.

In a new exclusive Screen Rant interview to promote The last duel, Eat, at the mention of returning to the world of Free boyShe seems more than willing to reprise her role as Millie. Although Reynolds’s August tweet about Disney wanting a sequel appears to have been missed and the news caught her off guard, Comer was excited about the prospect of working with Reynolds and the rest of the cast and crew again. Read Comer’s full comment from Screen Rant’s exclusive interview below:

“I just heard this right now! Someone else just said the same thing. I would honestly take the opportunity to be back on a set with all those guys. It was such a happy experience, so hearing that can be on the cards they sound like a lot of fun. “

Free boy It ends with all the plot threads resolved, but the film’s premise leaves plenty of room for further exploration in a sequel. Guy remains alive and well in the Free Life game, and while Millie disconnects from the game and chooses to focus on building her relationships in the real world, that doesn’t mean she can’t be caught up in another virtual conflict again. After all, Waititi’s villainous character Antwan succeeds. Free boy and will likely have some grudges against Guy and Millie after the failure of its Free City sequel, Free City: Carnage.

Comer and Reynolds had great chemistry in Free boy and exploring their relationship further would be a big step for Free boy 2. Although any kind of romantic relationship is now clearly off the table (Millie is a real human and Guy is artificial intelligence, after all), setting the two characters more like friends could create an interesting friend-style dynamic- policeman. The sequel to Free boy It hasn’t officially gotten the green light yet, but, if Reynolds’ Tweet is any indication, it seems highly likely that an announcement will be made in the next few months. If a sequel gets the nod, it looks like Comer is ready and willing to reconnect to Free Life as Millie. Free boy is now available to stream on Disney +.

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