“Joanna Jabotinsky” received the status of “unique” school

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 "Joanna Jabotinsky" received the status of "unique" school < /p>

The Atid School them. Joanna Zhabotinsky received the status of "unique" and the interregional school (“al-ezori”). This was recently announced by the Ministry of Education, which recognized it as meeting all the criteria for this status. Status "unique" the school has benefited from an exceptional multidisciplinary teaching system, as well as from in-depth study of STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) since the 7th grade.

Moreover, the School "Atid" them. Joanna Jabotinsky was included in the list of the best high schools in Israel recently published by the Ministry of Education based on the results of the past academic year. The criteria by which the best schools were determined included, among other things, student scores in the Meizav exams, matriculation percentage, percentage of excellent students, improvement in performance from the previous school year, student motivation to serve in the IDF or in the civil/national service , preventing school dropouts, and so on.


Veronica Cooper, Principal Zhabotinskaya: "I am grateful to the Ministry of Education for giving our school the status of "unique" and interregional. Our exceptional teaching method is not used in any school. In order to succeed in the technological field in the future, we develop the ability of students to self-learning, innovative thinking, creativity, entrepreneurship, and the ability to work in a team. In addition, it is expected that the increased use of artificial intelligence will create a high demand for these skills, as well as knowledge in the field of STEM (STEM), and therefore our school has been paying special attention to these disciplines since the 7th grade ((ז' grade. Recognition our unique school will strengthen the autonomy of the school and help improve its achievements.”

Status " unique" – allows schools in Israel to become more independent and autonomous. For example, in "Tikhon", high schools from grades 10 to 12, you can enroll while living in any city if the educational institution is ready to accept you. With secondary school (grades 7 to 9), the situation is more complicated. On the one hand, it is possible to enroll in a secondary school from grades 7 to 9 outside the place of residence, but it is necessary to obtain permission from both municipalities. On the other hand, these permits are not easy to obtain, especially from the mayor's office of the city where you live. With "unique" inter-regional schools the situation is different, and in this case, the municipalities have no good reason to refuse a student to study in them, even if the school is located outside the city. That is, students from all over the country can enroll in such schools.

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