Jiří Suchý is in the hospital – Novinky.cz

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Jiří Suchý is in the hospital – Novinky.cz

“Our crew intervened in Dejvická Street, where a 90-year-old man felt sick. After the examination, the patient was transported to the Central Military Hospital, “Jana Poštová, a spokeswoman for the Prague ambulance, told Novinka.

According to a source, the actor was taken to the hospital after the performance directly from the Semafor theater.

On Sunday, the screening of the amateur film Marching the Entrance or Stop the State, which Jiří Suchý shot, was on the program. The actor was to perform together with his theater partner Jitka Molavcová during the screening.

Suchý is the principal of the Semaphore, which he founded and owns. He is an author, actor, director and manager at the same time.

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