Jiří Suchý had to go to the hospital, he is fine at home again

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Jiří Suchý had to go to the hospital, he is fine at home again

Tonight, the rescue service of Jiří Suchý transported directly from the performance at the Semafor Theater in Dejvice, Prague, to the Central Military Hospital. iDNES.cz eyewitnesses reported.

“I can confirm that we intervened on Dejvická Street. We took the 90-year-old man to the Central Military Hospital, he was conscious, “confirmed Jana Poštová, a spokeswoman for the Prague ambulance, for iDNES.cz.

According to information from the website, 90-year-old Jiří Suchý sang several songs with Jitka Molavcová and Jiří Svoboda. However, he was afflicted with nausea and ambulance came for him.

According to information before 9 p.m. published moderator of the Radio Journal of Czech Radio Jiří Štefek, but Jiří Suchý is said to be at home and fine again.

The principal of the Semafor theater, which together with Jiří Šlitr formed one of the most original and popular pairs in the history of Czech theater in the 1960s, was in the hospital for several days at the beginning of March last year. The reason was the collapse of exhaustion at the time. Suchý canceled several performances at that time.

Jiří Suchý

Jiří Suchý (born October 1, 1931 in Pilsen) is a Czech theater, actor, musician, lyricist, singer, poet, composer, writer, filmmaker, graphic artist, artist, theater director, comedian and collector. Co-founder of the Na Zábradlí and Semaforu Theater, brother of Ondřej Suchý.

He collaborated with Miroslav Horníček, Ivan Vyskočil, and later formed an author duo with Jiří Šlitr. After Šlitra’s death, Ferdinand Havlík became his musical collaborator, and since 1975 his main theater partner has been Jitka Molavcová.

Jiří Suchý is the co-author of many comedies, cabaret and musicals, such as Man from the Land (1959), Zuzana is Alone at Home (1960), Jonáš a tingltangl (1962) and A Well-Paid Walk (1965).


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