Jinek’s stiff interview with Daniel Craig produces hilarious LuckyTV

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Jinek’s stiff interview with Daniel Craig produces hilarious LuckyTV

After sixteen years, Daniel relinquishes his 007 title, making it even more special for Eva to be able to speak to the man who plays the star role. But when it turns out that the British actor isn’t charmed by our Eva after she opens the interview with a joke, things don’t seem to work out. Tijl Beckand, one of the guests in Jinek and big Bond fan, Eva teases about the stiff interview. “How did you like it? What’s happening here?” he starts.

Eva: “You go crazy first, because you hear that you can interview Daniel Craig. I also grew up with Bond. Everyone is jealous of you. You can then dial in for a Zoom call and then you are on hold with about 680 other broadcasters who are going to interview him.” After waiting 45 minutes, Eva hears from a woman from London that it is her turn. “I was sitting here all set, tense. I tried to ask original questions because you know those people have been sitting there for 780 hours and getting a new crazy journalist every ten minutes with crappy questions.”

Eva therefore has one mission: to make Daniel Craig and the director next to him laugh. “Waiting eighteen months for the film to come out, I think as a woman: that must be like giving birth to a child.” When Daniel Craig then cuts the conversation by saying the shot is wrong – he doesn’t want to see himself when Eva is talking – two precious minutes are lost. “I only had ten minutes, so I thought, ‘Should I do that joke again? It’s actors, so I’ll do it again. Then he just said, ‘A movie and a baby are two very different things.’ After that I had to move on even more.”

LuckyTV must of course do something with this inconvenience, so thought the team of Jinek. Here’s the result:

Watch the episode of Jinek back below.

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