Jewish passengers file class action lawsuit against Lufthansa after mask scandal

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 Jewish passengers sue Lufthansa after mask scandal

Last week, dozens of ultra-Orthodox Jews were prevented from boarding a connecting flight from Germany to Hungary. Lawyers for the 26 passengers are preparing a class action lawsuit against German airline Lufthansa.
< br /> A group of 150 Jews from the US arrived in Frankfurt last week to continue on to Budapest and make a pilgrimage to the grave of Rabbi Yishai of Krastir. However, when they were about to board a connecting flight, they had a confrontation with the crew of a German airline, who said that on previous flights, some of the Jewish passengers refused to wear protective masks, so they were not allowed to board the aircraft.

The members of the German airline then decided to keep all ultra-Orthodox Jews on board and separated them from other passengers who were allowed to board the aircraft. Lawyers from the American Center for Law and Justice, based in Washington, announced in a letter to the CEO of Lufthansa that they decided to file a lawsuit after “passengers were the victims of an unfair anti-Semitic incident.”

The lawsuit was filed despite Lufthansa CEO Carsten Sporer apologized to Berlin Rabbi Yehuda Teichtel about this, and they even agreed to meet for a personal talk in the coming days.

Lufthansa itself also apologized, stating that ” we have zero tolerance for racism, antisemitism and discrimination of any kind. We are investigating the incident».

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