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An impeccable reputation, the highest quality jewelry and unique prices for diamonds from the manufacturer without intermediaries – this is Berkowitz Jewels, a factory on the Diamond Exchange and a factory store in Petah Tikva.

For example, earrings with an intricate yet sophisticated interlacing of gold bands, encrusted with 0.48 carat emeralds and 0.36 carat white diamonds in Berkowitz Jewels. can be purchased for 3890 NIS.
Elite round earrings made of yellow gold with emeralds in the center of 0.75 carats and studded with loose white diamonds of 0.46 carats can be purchased in the brand's factory store for 5390 NIS.

“Berkowitz Jewels” is a real family jewelry dynasty. Berkowitz & Sons was founded in 1949. Since then, four generations of jewelers have been creating models designed for a variety of tastes.
The history of the Berkowitz Jewels brand Jewelry company Berkowitz & Sons was founded in 1949 in Israel in a small shop on Berkovich Street in the center of Petah Tikva, which at that time was still a colony.
The founders of the company, great-grandfather Dov and grandfather Yitzhak, who survived the Holocaust, immigrated to Israel from Russia, they were experienced watchmakers, so they opened a watch and jewelry store in Israel. They lived right above the store. Very soon, the Bercovicis became known as professional experts, reliable and honest watchmakers and acquired many regular customers. The jewelry and diamond trade was also very successful.
The store developed and in 1958 Berkowitz Jewels moved to a new location at 3 Moliver Street in Petah Tikva, a beautiful and elegant store that has an atmosphere of family, tradition and luxury. The Berkowitz Jewels Factory Store is located here to this day. . All these years, the brand has honored traditions and values ​​its reputation, as evidenced by the many regular customers who have been returning to the Berkovich family for decades to purchase jewelry for the most solemn moments of their lives and jewelry for every day.
Today, Berkowitz Jewels – this is a huge selection of gold and diamond jewelry from the most inexpensive to more exclusive models – real sea of ​​diamonds and gold. Gold chains for men and women, gold and diamond pendants, trendy laser-cut gold bracelet collections, gold and diamond pendants with initials, classic diamond earrings and sets, wedding and engagement rings, dangling diamond earrings, an endless selection of diamond rings of various models. Each piece of jewelry is accompanied by certificates certifying the quality of the purchased item and a guarantee.
Berkowitz Jewelry Factory Store is located at Moliver 3, Petah Tikva Call/Whatsapp for details : 050-844-5459
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