Jerusalem Zoo has second litter of rare Asiatic lions

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 Second litter of rare Asiatic lions in Jerusalem Zoo

In Jerusalem, rare Asiatic lions were born from the second litter. Two Asiatic lion cubs were born at the Bible Zoo a month ago, according to The Times of Israel. The park reported that the cubs — the second litter born in the territory from local lions Gir and Yasha — began to take the “first steps” according to your aviary. They are estimated to weigh between one and two kilograms. They have not yet been given names. “The cubs are part of a joint project with the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums to save the Asiatic lion, which roamed the Land of Israel before the Crusader period,” — said in the message. As part of the program, Gir, a male lion from a zoo in Sweden, arrived at the Jerusalem Zoo in January 2014 when he was three years old. Now he lives there. This is his offspring.

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