Jerusalem tunnels: Suspect broke through a checkpoint, rammed a patrol car

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 Jerusalem tunnels: Suspect broke through checkpoint, rammed patrol car

Jerusalem police set up a checkpoint in the Jerusalem tunnel, noticed a suspicious car, and asked him to stop for a check. As the police approached the vehicle, it suddenly stepped on the gas, endangering road users, and drove off the scene.

The cops chased after him and after a while were able to stop him on the side of the road. When they approached to open the car door, the driver again stepped on the gas and fled the scene. In the Kiryat Moshe area, at another police checkpoint set up on the Begin Highway, a suspect overtook cars on the right, refused to stop, rammed a patrol car and damaged other cars.

At that moment, the police, who sensed a danger to them and road users opened fire on him. In the area of ​​the Lipta tunnel, the car stopped after the injured driver lost control of the vehicle. He was evacuated from the scene in serious condition to receive medical attention at the hospital. Another person was slightly injured in the incident.

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