Jerusalem searches for secret trenches from the Six Day War

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Secret trenches from the Six Day War are being searched in Jerusalem

Excavations have begun on Armory Hill in Jerusalem to find secret trenches that may have been hidden for decades after they were used during the Six Day War.

This is reported by the Jerusalem Post.

The excavations began after dozens of IDF soldiers turned to the Six-Day War Heritage Center and asked to find the trenches in which they fought.

and more inquiries are coming from Six Day War fighters who claim there is an additional eastern trench that needs to be found,” said the center's CEO Ketri Maoz.

Maoz explained that there were three trenches, “one of which looked to the west, that is, towards the State of Israel, the other crossed the hill in width, and the third looked at Mount Har ha-Tzofim in the east.

This trench was supposedly used by Jordanian soldiers to monitor Mount Har ha-Tzofim (Scopus).

The excavation team used aerial photographs to plan their project and will work for the next three months in hopes of finding trenches. If the trench is found, it will be made available to visitors.

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