Jerusalem Residents Complain of Unexplained Rising Water Bills

Jerusalem residents complain of unexplained water bills rise

Jerusalem residents complain of unexplained rising water bills and are about to file a lawsuit against the municipal company Hagihon.

According to The Jerusalem Post, water bills have suddenly spiked 500% or more for no apparent reason.

A resident of Jerusalem, lawyer Hila Netaneli, said she was shocked to see a receipt for 1,000 shekels.

“I live alone in the Talbiya area and usually my water bill is about 70 shekels. Suddenly my last three water bills were 1,000 shekels, and I didn't understand what happened, '' Netaneli said.

According to the woman, she called Hagihon, where she was told that the system showed that she spent as much water as indicated on the receipt. She was asked to check if there was a leak, but the engineer found nothing. Another specialist did not find a leak; the main pipeline also turned out to be intact. Hagihon suggested that someone was stealing water from Netaneli's house.

“The people who live in this building with me are probably over 70 and we live in a wealthy area. not some poor neighborhood in Jerusalem where people steal water from each other. Who will steal water? ” Problems. In her opinion, Hagihon should take responsibility.

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