“Jerusalem of excrement”. The court has forbidden to remove the offensive picture

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On the morning of December 27, the Tel Aviv District Court issued an interim order prohibiting the removal from the Ramat Gan Museum of a painting by David Rib, insulting the entire people of Israel and its capital, Jerusalem. < br />
The painting depicts a haredi at the Western Wall with the inscriptions & ldquo; Jerusalem of gold, Jerusalem of feces & rdquo;

The mayor of Ramat Gan, Carmel Shama Hakoen, having learned that this painting was displayed in his museum, ordered that it be immediately removed from there. The mayor's order was executed yesterday.

The court ruled on the Civil Rights Movement's petition. The court also ruled that the question of the painting “ will be considered at an emergency court session '' over the next two days.

The author of the picture, David Rib, said: “ This is a petty politician trying to censor art. ''

Mayor Hakoen pointed out in a radio interview the fact that & ldquo; the court was late & rdquo; with his decision, since the picture has already been removed. Hakoen also expressed outrage that this racist and humiliating painting of the people of Israel even occurred to someone to exhibit in a museum. Hakoen said that if the court decides that the painting should be returned to the museum, he will comply with this decision.

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