Jerusalem: Ancient ditch and handprints discovered on the outskirts of the Old City

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 Jerusalem: Ancient moat and handprints found on the outskirts of the Old City

An ancient moat surrounding Jerusalem's Old City has been discovered by archaeologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority. The discovery was made as the contractor company prepared for planned infrastructure work.< br />
During construction, an ancient ditch about 10 meters wide and two to seven meters deep was discovered. This ditch completely surrounded the Old City. Directly under the busy Jerusalem street was a thousand-year-old ditch built to protect the city walls from enemies. On the pavement of the moat, scientists have found many handprints.

Zubair Adavi, head of excavation at the Israel Antiquities Authority, discovered artifacts under Sultan Suleiman Street. This street runs close to the city walls, leading experts to believe that the moat was built to prevent the entry of enemies into the city of Jerusalem and invasion.

“Moats, usually filled with water, are well known from fortifications and castles in Europe, but here the moat was dry, its width and depth were an obstacle, slowing down the attacking army”, — Adavi said.

As for the handprints; that remains an open question for everyone.

local joke? Time will tell”, & mdash; researchers say.

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