Jerry Heil showed what a vegan eats quarantined

Jerry Heil показала, чем питается веган на карантине

Jerry Heil showed what a vegan eats in quarantine
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The singer gave an overview of the products in your fridge.

Ukrainian singer Jerry Heil, like many stars of show-business, during the quarantine is at home. She also arranges online concerts for its subscribers. Recently in another broadcast, randomly selecting fans, it is the recording of their new song “Na dont stress”.

For the isolation of Jan (this is the real name of the singer – ed.) is powered correctly as before. Among the products in the refrigerator of the author of the hit “Security, cancel”: lettuce, tomatoes, avocado.

– By the way, I recently learned that using avocado will warabout a lot of forests. That is, to eat it, actually, it’s not super environmentally. But it is one of the products that collected the least amount of pesticides, as far as I know, – said Jerry.

The singer is in the fridge is alcohol. She claims that she periodically give him, but she doesn’t drink.

– I go to yoga in the center of Kiev and in the room there is an Ayurvedic store. There I asked for something to support women’s health because I now lost a lot of weight and I need to support it. And I was advised this drink. Tastes like wine but is not wine. After purchase, get in a taxi, open the drink and smell of alcohol. Pour 15 ml in the Evening I read the manual and understand that it’s still wine. That is, I got into a taxi, opened the bottle and felt a wave of wine – laughs Jan.

Jerry Heil also urged not to believe the people who say that have bought up all the buckwheat. According to her, it is roasted, and green organic. Therefore, the package of the cereals have the stars at home. As well as lentils, almond protein, flour from green buckwheat, nuts and dates.

– I have a stockpile of tofu, because now I want to get some protein. I have not yet learned to Seredina to recruit the protein to be diverse (food – ed.). I have spicy cabbage known as kimchi, and beets with cumin, – shared the singer.

Jerry Heil is on the national selection of Eurovision-2020 reached the final with the song Vegan. However, the jury and the audience gave her 1 point that prevented her to represent our country in Rotterdam. Recall that the song contest was postponed because of the pandemic coronavirus. All participants will be able to participate next year, but with another song.


Masha Efrosinina got to a psychologist because of her husband, and Jerry Heil – from-for the conflict with the mother.

The star was found on the YouTube program “Test”.

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