Jerry Heil shared the recipe for the salad Navsta

Jerry Heil поделилась рецептом салата  Нєвєста

Jerry Heil shared the recipe of salad “Nvest”
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Jan Semaev showed a video which was encoded into a signal and sent into space.

The blogger and singer from Ukraine Yana Sameway, known as JERRY HEIL, released three music videos. On her YouTube, there are commercials #REZEPTSERVICE, #VCNET and #MADITORY.

In the first clip, the heroine sits with the family at the table, and they are chanting: “the Salad the Bride, and you do not.”

Song-the recipe: just take a notebook and write down – commented on don’t forget to stock up on mayonnaise and consult with your doctor, you will stand a status of your digestive system and does such a holiday your belly. And it’s really a tradition in my family. Salad called “the Bride” with cheese, chicken, pineapple, onion and mayonnaise, which is not enough that each is placed a second layer, it also performs the role of decoration on top, my family prepare every year for the winter holidays. I myself have been raw foodists don’t eat it, but to help my mom with cooking – an important part of our family Christmas ritual. This is not “Olivier” some”.

Song #FOREVER came out last year, when Jerry Heil has not yet been popular throughout Ukraine, but the acoustic version was attended by more than 250 thousand times. The hit was the impetus for cooperation with sound-producer Morphom. In 2019 has decided to release a remake.

Is a modern Christmas tale, like from the movies about a simple girl who love one night turns into a Princess. Lanterns, holiday spirit, jingle bells, the whole atmosphere of the holiday in one track, noted Jerry Heil.

Illustrator of the video – Olga the drum

#MADICARE first introduced to the charity project “1+1” “Sdisney Mriya”. This is Ukraine’s first clip, which is coded into a signal and sent into space.

– I moved out a year ago and as much as I was not in love with what is happening with me “in adult life”, of course, like everyone, I’m nostalgic for the past: when you’re totally safe with my parents when I first go to summer camp when you first taste a milkshake for the first time and fall in love with a counselor. This song is about that there is no time and distances, and our family is always there, associated with us marine knots,” says singer and author of hit.


Jan Shamaeva conquered the Internet hit “KRANON”. On the show “X-Factor” singer was supported by all members of the jury, but then training camp, it was not passed. It has not prevented to become famous in YouTube videos of her song had been viewed over 14 million times. The song was performed live the show “the Voice”. Creativity Jerry HeIl appreciated PIanoboy, Nastya Kamensky, Oleg Vinnik, Andrei Danilko and Potap.

By the WAY

The author of the hit “Kranon” Jerry Heil: Parents telling me “don’t be a fool and go on the bus”

Jan Shamaeva told “KP” in Ukraine” that with the advent of the popularity not zazvezdilsya and still the same ordinary girl.

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