Jennifer Lopez has offered to make a Striptease in the beginning of his career

Дженнифер Лопес предлагали зарабатывать стриптизом в начале карьеры

Jennifer Lopez has offered to make a Striptease in the beginning of his career
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The actress says that never did.

American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez was considered the option that the strip early in his career. The star of the movie “Stripper” claims, so I decided to take this step, despite the difficulties of life. About it writes the People.

Jennifer Lopez graced one of the covers of the American magazine W Magazine, which is devoted to movie stars and best films of recent years. In an interview with 50-year-old singer said that could go the other way in his career.

– At some point in my life, friends who were also dancers, told me that they receive thousands of dollars in the clubs of new Jersey. They insisted: “You don’t have to dance Topless”. It sounded pretty damn good, because at that time I was broken and every day ate pizza. But I’ve never done it, – admitted the actress.

For the role of Ramona in the dramedy “Stripper” Lopez was nominated for the award “Golden globe”. Her character is a dancer who becomes a stripper and creates a scheme for making a lot of money. Group of girls drugged financiers on wall Street and steal their credit card.

– I was a little nervous about filming this movie, because I never played someone so dark or complicated. Ramona reminded me of a friend who is in each of us. That’s not boring, but it can also get you into trouble. When you’re not with her you miss, but when you get together, you’re worried not to end up in some crazy situation. This is Ramona, – said Lopez.

The film is based on a true story American girls Samantha Barbash, which in 2015 wrote an article the New York Magazine reporter Jessica Presler. After this enticing criminals became famous. Bardash pleaded guilty in 2017 and received 5 years probation.

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The dancer is suing the makers of the movie “Striptizersha”: J. Lo does not work for free, so why should I?

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