Jennifer aniston was spotted in the arms of brad pitt: “for a Long time asked for forgiveness”

Дженнифер Энистон заметили в объятиях Брэда Питта: «Давно просил прощения»

Brad pitt and Jennifer aniston continue to build relationships. As it became known, Hollywood actor apologized to his ex-wife

Last week, famous actors once again attracted media attention to their relationship after pitt visited a party on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his ex-wife.

Edition Us Weekly has found out what really happened at the party. According to journalists, brad pitt came not only in order to celebrate Jennifer aniston’s birthday, but in order to apologize. The actor still feels the guilt in connection with their divorce.

“He wanted a more thoughtful approach to the divorce process. He had asked Jen for forgiveness, and she finally gave it,” — said the source.

Дженнифер Энистон заметили в объятиях Брэда Питта: «Давно просил прощения»

Eyewitnesses claim that at the party pitt gave aniston a card, apologized and gently hugged her. Many guests Actresses admit that they never expected to see her ex-husband on holiday.

It is worth noting that pitt and aniston divorced nearly 14 years ago. After that, they haven’t spoken in years, but decided to check back in 2016 after the death of her mother Jennifer aniston.

“They plan to remain friends for life. Between them do no offense…They both realize that every time they intersect, people are talking about reunification,” — said about their relationship source.

Дженнифер Энистон заметили в объятиях Брэда Питта: «Давно просил прощения»

Earlier, we reported that American actress Jennifer aniston is luxuriously celebrated its fiftieth anniversary.

The actress arrived on my birthday in a black jumpsuit with open back. And although now the star of the show “Friends” is not anyone in a romantic relationship, it did not prevent her to look happy and to have fun with friends, because to her party arrived very many stars.

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To congratulate the actress with the anniversary has arrived and her ex-husband brad pitt, who many years ago cheated on her with Angelina Jolie.

And the actor so quickly slipped past the paparazzi who were waiting for guests at the entrance that they managed to film only the back of his head. Brad pitt hid the face behind the cap.

We will remind, the father of angelina Jolie told the truth about her current relationship with Brad pitt.

As reported Politeka, Jennifer aniston amazed everyone naked photo.

Politeka also wrote that Jennifer aniston celebrated the 50th anniversary in the company of brad pitt.

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