Jennifer aniston said he was thinking about the children

Дженнифер Энистон заявила, что мечтает о детях

Jennifer aniston said he was thinking about the children
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The actress said, sees its future.

Hollywood actress Jennifer aniston said that it was ready for motherhood. In an interview with Interview, the actress admitted that she wants to have several children and see their ideal future on the ocean.

My brain tells me I hear the ocean, see it, hear the laughter, see the fleeing children, hear the ice in the glass, smell the food being prepared. It is a joyful picture in my head, – said the actress in a conversation with his colleague Sandra bullock.

The desire to have a child via surrogate motherhood, Jennifer said, being married to Justin Theroux. However, after the separation of the pair stated that this role scares her.

– Perhaps my purpose on this planet is not to reproduce. Maybe I have other things I must do, – said the actress in an interview with InStyle.

Aniston is 51 years old. Popularity came to her in the early ‘ 90s, when the screens came the American TV series “Friends”. It is also known for his roles in the films “Bruce Almighty”, “break-up”, “Pretend my wife”, “We’re the Millers” and Fox’s “Morning show”.

The actress was married twice. From 2000 to 2005, the star was married to brad pitt. The couple broke up because of an affair of the actor with Angelina Jolie. Now the ex-beloved friends, although the press writes what they have in common something more than just friendship. In 2015, Jennifer was married to actor Justin Theroux, who met four years. The couple broke up in January of 2018.


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The psychologist believes that the former couple will soon announce their reunion.

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