Jennifer Aniston reveals her biggest health and beauty secret

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Jennifer Aniston told InStyle about the importance of sleep. According to the actress, a ten-year struggle with insomnia has wreaked havoc on her body and prevented her from peaking her career.

Now more than ever, Aniston appreciates sleep.

“Sleep is extraordinary. It's beautiful. But when you're younger, you take it for granted. You think, “I can survive if I get three to five hours of sleep and feel great,” and then all of a sudden you don't feel very good and your performance isn't up to par. proper level” – says Aniston.

Eventually Aniston realized that her sleep problems were affecting her work and thinking, as well as her body, complexion and hair. Once the actress began to learn more about sleep and what it does for the body, she realized how important it was.

leads to all sorts of health problems. Unfortunately, lost sleep cannot be regained; no matter how long you nap on the weekend, you cannot make up for sleep. It's a deficit you'll never get back, — she says.

A strict night mode helps the actress calm down after a long day on set. Meditation, an Epsom salt bath, applying lavender essential oil to her feet, and turning off the screens an hour before will help Aniston get in the mood for a good night's sleep. how she lays down.

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