Jennifer Aniston is ready for a new relationship: what kind of man does an actress need

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Jennifer Aniston ready for a new relationship: what kind of man does an actress need? Bruce (

The host did not miss the opportunity to ask the actress about her personal life.

< p>Aniston hasn't met anyone for several years, but now it seems that the celebrity is ready for a new romantic relationship.

“No one really important has yet appeared on my horizon. But I think the time has come, “Jennifer shared.

After her divorce from actor Justin Theroux in 2018, rumors about new celebrity novels often appeared on the network, but in the podcast she admitted that all this time enjoying my loneliness. “I've been in a relationship since I was 20.

So it was really nice to just be alone, ”Aniston said. On Bruce Bozzie's offer to introduce her to someone, Jennifer replied that she wanted to meet someone “the old-fashioned way”: “Please, no Tinder. I'm an old-fashioned girl. ”

Usually, a celebrity rarely talks about his personal life, but in the podcast, she was open-minded. When the host asked her what she was looking for in a man, Jennifer replied that chemistry was important to her. Her man should be confident, generous, kind and with a sense of humor. But you shouldn't forget about the form either.

“Sport is very important and not only because it helps to achieve the desired form. I'm going to live long and don't want to end up in a wheelchair at 80, ”the actress explained.

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