Jean Claude Van Damme puts his career on hold

 Jean Claude Van Damme pauses his career

Famous actor Jean-Claude Van Damme has announced that he will no longer act in action films.

Deadline reports this.

The actor said that he is now filming in the movie "What's my name?" and it will be the last action movie of his career. Van Damme plays himself in this film. The protagonist wakes up from a coma after a serious car accident, but he has amnesia. Restoring his memory, the hero will fight enemies.

Van Damme admitted that he bought a small boat to go on a trip.

“I want to travel around the world and relax .All my life I work, live in hotels. This will all be shown in the film, how I moved away from my family. After that, I want to relax and enjoy my life and family, because life goes by quickly, “the actor said.

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