Jean Beleniuk told what kind of girls he likes

Жан Беленюк рассказал, какие девушки ему нравятся

Jean Beleniuk told what kind of girls he likes
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Surprisingly, not sports.

Member of Parliament, athlete Jean Beleniuk not married yet, but, according to him, is ready for the family. About what girls he likes, he said in the program “Sravi way”.

Beleniuk recalled his childhood. Then he felt sympathy for the girl when you were in school, but, according to the champion, he at that time still had no experience.

Every approach to it is like to climb Everest. That is, it was very difficult. Now I already know how to build relationships and to communicate, – said the MP.

Jean had admitted how he sees his future wife. As it turned out, he does not like very athletic girls.

– That is, when there’s a press, you can see all the cubes and the visible muscles of steel. The main thing that it was similar in looks and in spirit I person is comfortable around, he said.

Beleniuk also added that he is ready to create a family and planning for children. He is not against large families as regret that grew up alone.

– I think that if there would be another close person, it would be easier to live, – has explained to the athlete.

Jean Beleniuk – Ukrainian Greco-Roman wrestler, silver medalist of the Olympic games in 2016, two-time world champion, three-time champion of Europe, champion of the European games 2019 in Minsk.

Born in 1991 in Kyiv from his father, a Rwandan who died in a military coup during the civil war in their homeland and mother-Ukrainian. The struggle began in 2000. In the summer of 2019, the year became the people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the IX convocation of the party “servant of the people”.


“Oh well skotinka!”: hinting Lyashko, Beleniuk showed how to protect themselves from attack.

The Deputy grabbed his shirt aggressive interlocutor and caught on the throw.

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