Jealousy can cause a terrible disease: treatment will take years

Ревность может вызвать ужасную болезнь: на лечение уйдут годы

Jealousy destroys a person’s psyche and can lead to terrible disease, the treatment of which will take a long time

Sudden jealousy and paranoia may indicate a rare and dangerous brain disease. Such a case occurred with a resident of the UK Evie Moore.

The first symptoms appeared when she was only twenty years old. The girl who was leading the correct lifestyle and did not complain of health, began to experience unexplained bouts of suspicion.

Ревность может вызвать ужасную болезнь: на лечение уйдут годы

She began to worry when her boyfriend was talking to other women, although I didn’t pay attention to it.

At first nobody realized it was a disease. But as Evie deteriorated rapidly. Soon she came down with the flu, and her parents decided to take her out of the rented apartment back home.
From there the girl and was hospitalized – she had suffered a serious seizure, and the doctors fighting for her life, were forced to put her into a medically induced coma for 48 hours.

When Evie began to suffer from hallucinations. She did not recognize family and even declared himself a messenger of heaven, although I was never very religious, and tried to “fly” out the window after the birds.

The doctors came to the conclusion that the culprit is encephalitis, which the immune system of the patient attacked the cells in her own brain.

The treatment took nine weeks. The state of Evie corrected with steroid drugs that reduce inflammation in the brain, but contribute to weight gain – the girl gained almost 40 pounds.

Recovery from illness took about a year and a half. But 18 months later, Evie felt the strength to go to work, first part time and then returned to his profession.

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Ревность может вызвать ужасную болезнь: на лечение уйдут годы

According to statistics, the diagnosis of “encephalitis” every year I put 4 000 people in the UK. One of the symptoms is psychosis, which quickly turns into a mania.

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