Japanese scientists figured out how to rejuvenate a skin: only need one vitamin

Японские ученые вычислили, как омолодить кожу: нужен всего один витамин

Only one vitamin will help to restore skin youth and elasticity, but only under one condition

Every woman wants to look younger, often resorting to the most various methods. However, to prevent aging of the skin is possible using a sufficient amount of vitamin C.

The experts of the beauty industry gave a number of simple tips to prevent the appearance of signs of aging of the dermis. As you know, health is directly affected by the diet, something that man nourishes your body. Trace elements, vitamins and minerals help bodies function fully and without interruption. The skin are in fact the litmus changes in the internal organs, lymph flow and bloodstream.

Японские ученые вычислили, как омолодить кожу: нужен всего один витамин

And also, as with the right way of life, the skin is young and elastic, and in the lack of vitamins dermis to be sluggish and susceptible to rapid aging.

One of the most important skin vitamins experts call vitamin C, this substance is able to restore the appearance of youthfulness and tone. For maximum effect you need the right regimen of vitamin, 25% of the required dose must be received via external products, creams and serums. This formula brought scientists from Japan. According to them, every day a person needs 70 to 100 mg of ascorbic acid.

To obtain this beneficial drug should pay attention on green tea is also useful for berries: strawberries, sea-buckthorn, bilberry. A lot of vitamin C in kiwi, Mandarin and pepper, thus it is better to eat either fresh fruit or frozen. Also rich in “rejuvenating” substance sauerkraut, and broth made from dried rose hips and is a real storehouse of nutrients.

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When choosing fortified skin need to carefully study the information on the packaging and in the instructions for use. The most stable ester of ascorbic acid — “ascorbyl palmitate”, so its content is about 5%, preferably in creams for the face.

Японские ученые вычислили, как омолодить кожу: нужен всего один витамин

Also important is the presence of Mexoryl, which serves as a reliable filter against harmful ultraviolet rays. Effective serums, creams and other similar means is a means for the prevention of photoaging of the skin is necessarily present. By following simple measures, it is possible to rejuvenate the skin, saturating it after winter and get rid of wrinkles.

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