Japanese scientists 3D printed a piece of beef

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Japanese scientists 3D printed a piece of beef

The technology can become an alternative to traditionally farmed beef.

A team of scientists from Japan has printed a piece of Wagyu beef on a three-dimensional bioprinter. For this, they used stem cells from cows, Chronicle.info reports with reference to Channel 24.

The printed steak looks exactly like a real one, conveying the specific arrangement of muscle and fat. The researchers believe that this technology could provide an alternative to traditionally farmed beef.

Wagyu Beef Print

To create the meat, a team of scientists from Osaka University used 2 types of stem cells from certain breeds of Wagyu cows. By manipulating them, they were able to & # 171; persuade & # 187; turn them into every type of cell you need to grow meat. Individual fibers of muscle, fat, and blood vessels were bioprinted in layers that echoed the perfect Wagyu cut.

Using the histological structure of Wagyu beef as a blueprint, we have developed a 3D printing technique that can create customized complex structures,
lead study author Dong-Hee Kang said.

But what meat tastes like remains for now riddle.

Japanese scientists printed a piece beef on a 3D printer

What is the value of Wagyu beef

  • Wagyu means & # 171; Japanese cow & # 187 ;. In fact, this is the general name for special beef breeds of cows, prone to intense marbling. This result is achieved thanks to perfectly matched and balanced fattening.
  • Wagyu meat has an incomparable sweetish aroma , similar to the smell of peach or coconut.
  • The benefits of gourmet marbled beef can hardly be underestimated. It is rich in fats, proteins and contains a small amount of carbohydrates, so it is simply impossible to gain weight when eating this amazing meat.
  • Fat in wagyu due to its unique chemical composition does not harm the body at all, but on the contrary , has a beneficial effect on the human cardiovascular system. In addition, there is practically no cholesterol in meat.
  • Wagyu beef also contains amino acids, B vitamins, choline, iron and other macronutrients, which help to increase hemoglobin, immunity and vitality.
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