Japanese police will shoot wild monkeys with tranquilizer cartridges

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 Japanese police will shoot wild monkeys with tranquilizer cartridges

Japanese police will use tranquilizer cartridges to trap wild monkeys within populated areas. Such a decision should help stop the wave of attacks of wild monkeys, terrorizing the inhabitants. Previous attempts to capture the animals with traps have ended in failure.

Since the beginning of July, 42 people, including children and the elderly, have suffered from attacks by Japanese macaques in the city of Yamaguchi.

Such a wave Violence by wild animals living near humans is unusual, although such incidents occasionally occur throughout the country, where macaques are not uncommon.

“It's rare to see so many attacks in a short period of time. Initially, only children and women were attacked. Recently, elderly people and adult men have also become victims, & quot;, — said an anonymous city official.

Authorities are also unsure whether the attacks are the work of a single rogue monkey or a whole group of macaques who are aggressive for unknown reasons.

Monkeys are breaking into homes local residents through open windows and sliding screen doors. Local media reported that the victims suffered injuries of varying severity – from scratches to rather serious bites to the neck and abdomen.

Japanese macaques used to be an endangered species. But conservation actions have led to an increase in the population. They are currently listed as a species of Least Concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

According to a study by Yamagata University, the reason for the changed behavior of monkeys is a critical reduction in the distance between wildlife and human habitats.

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