Japan is developing the extraction of electricity from snow: how it works

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 Japan is developing electricity from snow: how it works< /p>

The technology was developed by the Tokyo University of Electrical Communications. He will carry out these tests together with Forte, a local IT startup.

During the experiment, the snow collected on the streets will act as a source of cold air. It will be loaded into a pool where heat transfer tubes will be placed. The outside air, in turn, is heated by the sun. Due to the difference in refrigerant temperatures between the part of the plant that will be cooled by snow and the part that will be heated by the sun, a convective movement of the liquid will occur.

The liquid will drive the microturbine. The higher the temperature difference, the greater the power output as a result. System tests will be carried out until March. There are also plans to use the heat from hot springs to generate even greater temperature differences.

Scientists believe that this method of generating electricity could be more efficient than using solar panels. According to the researchers, using snow to generate electricity is much more environmentally friendly. The proposed snow solution has virtually no waste, while the solar panels are recyclable.

It is expected that “snow” energy will be generated at low cost. At the same time, the price of such energy will also be extremely low.

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