Japan drops to 104th in gender inequality ranking

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 Japan drops to 104th in gender inequality ranking< /p>

Japan ranked dismal 104th in the latest World Bank report on women's economic empowerment, continuing to lag behind the rest of the advanced G7 countries in terms of progress towards gender equality in legislation.

The annual survey, covering 190 countries and territories, assesses gender gaps in laws and regulations in eight areas, including jobs, wages, parenting and entrepreneurship.

Japan scored an average of 78.8 out of 100, tied with the Philippines.

Japan performed poorly in the vacancies and wages categories, scoring 50 and 20 out of 100 respectively, although it scored high in pensions and mobility.

Among other G7 members, Canada, Germany and France each scored 100 points, which means that women are on an equal footing with men in all areas assessed. They are followed by Italy and the UK with a score of 97.5, while the US — 91.3.

Japan's ranking has steadily fallen, ranking 74th in the 2020 report, 80th in the 2021 report, and 103rd in the 2022 report.

Globally, the World Bank said that the average score in the latest report was 77.1, just half a point more than last year's survey. It says that 18 countries have implemented a total of 34 gender-related legal reforms, the lowest since 2001.

“At the current pace of reform, it will take at least 50 years to move closer to legal gender equality everywhere. In many countries, the women who are part of the labor force today will retire before they can get the same rights as men,” — warned an international organization in a report.

Globally, nearly 2.4 billion women of working age do not have the same rights as men. and states cannot afford to ignore them.

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