Jamal called his favorite on Nicotra Eurovision-2019: “Struck”

Джамала назвала своего фаворита на Нацотбре Евровидения-2019: "Поразили"

Ukrainian singer Jamal shared with subscribers exclusive photo and video from the shooting of the National selection for Eurovision-2019

The famous singer and judge on Nicotra Eurovision 2019 Jamal after the announcement of the names of the finalists decided to confess who impressed the most, but also showed footage from behind the scenes. Their artist has published in Instagram-Stories.

Star promised before the beginning of the broadcast that would show the backstage, and the fans an interesting story. She called the names of the favorites of the second semi-final of national selection.

Джамала назвала своего фаворита на Нацотбре Евровидения-2019: "Поразили"

“Thank you for what you watch, argue, disagree. All this is the Eurovision song contest. Personally, I was today struck by the Freedom-jazz,” admitted Jamal in a short video.

Also, during a personal conversation in women’s cover-band, she turned to the pregnant participant: “take care!”. Singer did not ignore even one of the finalists – duet “Anna-Maria”. The girls admitted that after the singer told them of his dream where they appeared with short hair, the actress pondered to update your hairstyle.

Джамала назвала своего фаворита на Нацотбре Евровидения-2019: "Поразили"

She also published a joint photo with the representatives of the Czech Republic at the contest “Eurovision 2019”, a group of Lake Malawi. “I really liked your song,” she signed the.

Also behind the scenes singer Jamal waited for the meeting with well-known TV presenter Lesya Nikityuk which a secret in your ear the singer has unveiled the name of a favorite Sergiy Prytula, according to one of the videos they did meet.

Джамала назвала своего фаворита на Нацотбре Евровидения-2019: "Поразили"

Also earlier it was reported that the popular Ukrainian singer and one of the judges of the National selection for Eurovision – 2019 Jamal demonstrated striking outfit.

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The appropriate frame is appeared on the event page in the social network.

“As you images leading?”, says in the caption.

Джамала назвала своего фаворита на Нацотбре Евровидения-2019: "Поразили"

Note that the published photo shows all three judges – Andrew Danilko Jamal and Eugene Filatov. However, users ‘ attention was attracted by the outfit that is the Crimean Tatar singer.

Dressed in a black and white dress, complemented by flowers and dragonflies.

“JHA incredible”, “unreal”, “Jamal unmatched”, “Jamal’s just a bomb”, “Jamal’s very nice,” they write.

Recall, Jamal had dared to show a photo in a bathing suit.

As reported Politeka, Jamal’s son celebrated an important date, tender photo touched everyone.

Also Politeka wrote that Jamal boasted son-athlete.

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