Jake Paul “breaks” UFC stars. Who will be next?

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 Jake Paul breaks UFC stars. Who will be next?

Jake Paul is by far the main “splinter” for professional boxing. In 2020, the blogger began his career in boxing and still remains undefeated, although he has already managed to enter the ring against several worthy opponents. In the last fight, Jake defeated Anderson Silva by unanimous decision — former UFC champion and mixed martial arts legend. Yes, the Brazilian is already 47, and you can’t call him a strong boxer. However, his status, experience and advantage in size made him a serious opponent for Paul. However, before the fight, almost all bookmakers preferred the American. You can find out more about some of the bookmakers on the Legalbet website.
Next, we will tell you what Jake Paul has achieved in the ring over these two years and what may lie ahead for his career.
Whom has Paul already beaten

After defeating Silva, Jake's professional boxing record is as follows: 6 wins — 0 losses — 0 draws.
Paul's professional boxing career began with a win over Ali Eson Gib — British YouTube blogger, for whom that fight was also a debut. Jake easily defeated his opponent by technical knockout and this started his unbeaten streak.
Jake had to wait 10 months for his next fight. His opponent was Nate Robinson — former NBA basketball player with a height of 175 centimeters. The duel became a warm-up before the battle between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones, so it attracted a serious audience. Jake won by knockout. Paul's third rival in the professional ring was another boxing debutant — Ben Askren. However, unlike Jake's two previous opponents, he had experience in MMA and the UFC in particular, albeit not the most successful one. As a boxer, Askren turned out to be not very — defeat by technical knockout.
Jake's next two fights were against Tyron Woodley — former UFC welterweight champion. By that time, Woodley's career was in decline (4 defeats in a row), and the opportunity to defeat an arrogant blogger could restore his reputation. Did not work out. In August 2021, Paul won by split decision. And in the rematch, Jake took the victory by technical knockout and this removed all the questions.
Paul had his most recent fight against Anderson Silva. And again it turned out to be better, which was confirmed by the judges by unanimous decision.
What's next for Jake
Now Jake has become a tidbit for any former professional fighter and boxer. Yes, and current athletes are not averse to beating the American and showing him his place.
Paul understands this perfectly and competently warms up the audience. Immediately after defeating Silva, he managed to challenge Nate Diaz (former UFC fighter) and Saul Alvarez (the current world boxing champion).
Another option — fight against Floyd Mayweather. This is quite real, because Floyd has already fought against Paul's brother, Logan, though in an exhibition fight. The victory then went to Floyd. Jake as a boxer is stronger than his brother and therefore is ready to enter the ring against the ex-champion in a professional fight. But can Mayweather be persuaded to “take the gloves off the nail”? — question.
We only note that the level of Jake's rivals is growing with each fight. If the first victories were against the same amateurs, now Paul's successes cause only respect. Therefore, Jake's seventh fight in professional boxing is likely to be against a strong fighter.

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