IWI Introduces Masada Slim Weapons

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 IWI Unveils Masada Slim Gun

Israeli arms manufacturer unveils new 9mm pistol “MASADA Slim” (Masada S) at NRAAM 2022. Israel Weapons Industry, part of the SK Group, said the new weapon will hit stores soon.

IWI weapons and accessories, including the legendary Uzi Pro, Tavor and Negev models, are used by the Israel Defense Forces as well as other world's leading military organizations.

IWI MASADA Slim — It is an ultra-compact 9mm polymer-framed action pistol that is as good as the original MASADA model.

It is designed as a small high power pistol that is easy to hide under clothing. Ergonomic design despite small size, provides a secure and comfortable grip with the whole hand.

The 13 + 1 round ammo load provides extra power, while the low recoil and short trigger release make it quicker to aim. The Masada Slim is made from high strength glass fiber reinforced polymer. The pistol weighs 576g without a magazine and 635g with a full magazine.

The MASADA Slim comes with a ready-to-use optic with universal cutouts allowing the modularity to be used with many aftermarket scopes. It also uses an easy-to-remove modular The escapement housing is made of high quality steel for easy and simple disassembly and maintenance.

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