“It's not a man, it's a devil!” Ada Rogovtseva spoke about Putin

The well-known Ukrainian singer Ada Rogovtseva performed on the air of Current Time, spoke about the President of the Russian Federation and complained about her Russian colleagues. This was reported by UNIAN.

Rogovtseva said that Putin is not a man, but a devil.

“Putin was recognized as a criminal. A criminal leads Russia, which was once great, and now it is a criminal state. And he threatens the world with nuclear weapons! This is not a person! People can't think, feel, or act like that. It's the devil,” the actress said.

According to Ada Rogovtseva, her Russian co-stars in the movie “Admiral” they never called her and asked about what was going on in Ukraine.

“Nobody called me back even once. No matter what you say, people in Russia are so zombified that for some reason they decided that we are their enemies and that we are some kind of animals,” she said.

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