It’s a gift! The Czech Republic is preparing a law for Ukrainian workers. Poland will be empty

Это подарок! Чехия готовит закон для украинских заробитчан. Польша опустеет

The Czech Republic has decided to compete with Poland in attracting their production of Ukrainian workers began lobbying for the simplification of employment for citizens of countries that are not EU members

In the Czech Republic, according to local statistics, there is an annual shortage of workers. So the figures show disappointing: almost 100 thousand persons urgently required at various branches of production Czech Republic

It should be noted that according to official data, in 2018 320 thousand open on the Czech labour exchange of vacancies, there were only 230 thousand applicants.

Это подарок! Чехия готовит закон для украинских заробитчан. Польша опустеет

The authorities have inhibit the consideration of the facilitation of the employment for non-EU countries, because of the possible fall of the level of payment for the Czechs.

In this regard, the Czech government has put forward an alternative proposal: a gradual increase in wages of the Czech workers with the simultaneous involvement of labor from the countries of the Union for the EU. It is noted that in some regions of the European Union the unemployment situation reached its climax.

However, Czech employers are not going to wait, they need to close the issue with the staff as soon as possible.

“If this is done, it opens the possibility for an even greater number of Ukrainians to find legal work in the Czech Republic, where the population is declining, while the number of pensioners is increasing. To maintain high social standards within the country, create new jobs and attract foreign workers,” — said the President of Ukrainian Association of international employment Vasily voskobojnik.

A letter to Czech authorities from the local Union of industry and transport includes the following requirements:

Это подарок! Чехия готовит закон для украинских заробитчан. Польша опустеет

  1. The increase in work quotas for immigrants from 20 thousand to 40 thousand people. The lion’s share of workers once planned to get out of Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus.
  2. To alleviate bureaucratic barriers to the employment of foreigners.
  3. To reduce from 30 to 10 days the period after which a vacancy may be offered to visitors (first worker trying to find from among Czechs).
  4. Prevent firms which employ less than 6 people (now 10), to employ foreigners. This makes the business creates fictitious firms that are engaged in the sale of a package of documents for visa and work do not give.
  5. To prohibit foreign workers to change jobs in the first six months of employment.

According to the expert, arrived on a work visa, the Ukrainians do not stay in place, where they arrived for work.

“It is a common practice, so the business wants to insure. But it is hard to imagine such coercion on the work for the same employer, it would be a violation of EU law and the Czech Republic. Such a rule is theoretically possible to introduce for all employees (including, for the Czechs), or to prescribe in the contract, which is signed by the migrant worker and the employer. But still this condition can be appealed in court. Except that the expectation is that foreigners will not go to sue and will last for a certain period of time,” says Voskoboynikov.

In the Czech Republic Ukrainians significantly less on earnings than in Poland, because of the problem obtaining a work visa.

Usually people are employed for a period of 3 months to 2 years. However, many people try to get illegal for Polish visas. Although this is contrary to all recommendations. The employment agencies are saying openly — is a direct path to deportation at the first test. Nor in biometrics, nor in the Polish working legally in the Czech Republic not to get a job.

Most often Ukrainians go to work in the Czech Republic as a laborer on the production, where there is now the greatest shortage of personnel.

Это подарок! Чехия готовит закон для украинских заробитчан. Польша опустеет

Actively looking for more builders, welders, turners, electricians, seamstresses, cooks. And handymen everywhere: automotive factories, warehouses, food production, hotels and agriculture.

The average salary varies within 800-1000 euros per month. That is a little higher than in Poland, but also housing, which pays the employee on their own, and products in the Czech Republic much more expensive. Also at least a little need to know the language.

But soon, not only Czechs, but also poles face another serious problem: when other economically developed countries, with higher wages, will begin to simplify the procedure for employment, will begin the mass Exodus of workers to other EU member States. Those who are now going to work in the Czech Republic and Poland, just go to where they pay more.

Recall, the Ukrainian zarobitchane broke all records for a year of work in Poland.

As reported Politeka, Ukrainians are not allowed abroad, the new year celebrations under threat.

Politeka also wrote that Ukrainian youth is torn from the country.

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