“Itemname” in Sudan. Why Putin climbed into a deep Africa

Russia sent to the Sudan mercenaries from various PMCs that have previously “lit up” in the Donbass, in Syria.

"Ихтамнеты" в Судані. Навіщо Путін поліз в глибоку Африку

The dictator of Khartoum decided to play a combination of proven, reports Rus.Media.

Russia sent to the Sudan mercenaries from various PMCs that have previously “lit up” in the Donbass, in Syria. This information appeared in the article “Russian service BBC”. While citing anonymous of these mercenaries and, in fact, the head of one of the companies, the “RSB Group” Oleg krinitsyna. “I heard that people went there and came back with a severe form of malaria. We have interests there, but we were not fighting or involved. There smoldering border conflict”, — said Krinitsin, assuring that his subordinates in the African country did not go.

Of course, without official confirmation from Moscow, international organizations or Khartoum cannot with 100% certainty say that the Russian “itemname” actually master the vastness of the state on the East coast of Africa. However, to argue otherwise is pointless. Too many sowers of the “Russian world” with a “Kalashnikov” in the hands in the course of the new campaign of Moscow. This “ex-defense Minister DNR” Igor Strelkov (Girkin), who even said that a couple of weeks ago found out about the shipment to Sudan insurgents “Wagner”, well known to the Ukrainians. It is the main counterpart Alexander Zakharchenko — leader of the illegal armed groups “East” Alexander Khodakovsky (that’s the rumor, but no confirmation).

African expansion

Moscow has long been interested in strengthening its presence in the resource-rich continent, including in Sudan. And States with weak or even absent immune to corruption have further stimulated the desire of the Kremlin. Of course, with China, Russia did not compete, but tidbits to snatch she will. In principle, there are precedents.

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Africa, 28 of the 55 States, was the only one with which Moscow has managed to achieve growth of trade: in 2016, the total trade turnover reached $201.5 billion, $3.4 billion more than in 2015 Leading position here in Egypt, Algeria, Morocco and South Africa, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Angola, Sudan and Zimbabwe.

The African market is a promising direction for the development of nuclear energy, the oil and gas industry, agriculture. Russian business energetically engaged in exploration of bauxite, gold, copper, cobalt, diamonds, etc.

Putin put troops

It is not surprising that Vladimir Putin wanted to meet with Sudanese President Omar Bashir (the de facto ruling the country since 1989). In July of this year he invited the dictator to visit Russia to discuss bilateral relations, regional and global issues. True, 12 Jul 2010 the international criminal court issued another arrest warrant for Bashir on charges of organizing and carrying out genocide in the Darfur ethnic groups the odds, Masaliev and Zaghawa. But when the Kremlin was worried about some kind of international law? Moreover, Putin even sent for Bashir in Khartoum the Russian aircraft to ensure the safe delivery of a dictator in the Russian capital.

The meeting itself was held on November 23 in Putin’s residence “Bocharov Ruchey”. Bashir did not go around the Bush, directly and said: I need protection from “aggressive actions of the United States.” They say that it is Washington’s fault that from the country in 2011, broke the oil-rich region, which received the name of South Sudan. Yes, it is the States, not ethnic and religious cleansing that broke out after independence in 1956 the North is Muslim with Bashir imposed Sharia law, and the South Christian. The separation is due to the fact that during the Anglo-Egyptian colonization, the country was divided into administration, as a result, the Northern areas was influenced by the Arab-Muslim North.

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In addition, he expressed interest in purchasing Russian su-30 and su-35, missile boats, minesweepers, air defense systems, including s-300. Last year it became known that Russia agreed to send to Sudan 170 T-72 tanks (20 — parts). The only question is how Khartoum is experiencing serious economic difficulties and in need of loans, intends to pay for the aircraft. So, perhaps, the main prize, hidden Bashir is a military base on the coast of the red sea, 300 km from the Saudi port.

Of course, Putin’s mouth watered when presented to the base in Port Sudan. However, the Kremlin publicly delight is not demonstrated. Do Russian lawmakers. In particular, the first Deputy Chairman of the Committee on defense and security, Federation Council Frants Klintsevich, loudly declared that Russia is ready to take this step.


Economic irrationality is not the only reason why Putin’s head is not immersed in the Sudanese civil war that broke out after the separation of South Sudan. There is still a geopolitical component. The fact that the trump has demonstrated a willingness to resolve the conflict in the Sudan, canceled in October most of the sanctions imposed 20 years ago.

Bashir was not enough improved relations with Washington and Riyadh. He wanted everything at once, expecting manna from heaven. The Sudanese President has decided that you can increase the pressure by resorting to trivial blackmail.

The tactics chosen by Bashir actually works, that is, Khartoum may seek to exclude Sudan from the list of state sponsors of terrorism. On the other hand, he did offer to Washington, in addition to resources, or “friendship” with Russia and Iran. The Sudanese dictator is clearly playing on the brink of a foul, not fearing that it will go too far and the U.S. will back sanctions.

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To stay in power at any cost

The cause of action Omar Bashir is very clear — he wants to retain power after the elections of 2020.

Bashir chose adventure requirements, considering that the Russian bogeyman will help put the squeeze on the States. Here and met the President-the shopkeeper and the President of the posers who share violence is a willingness to shed the blood of others for their own interests. The Russian leader, in turn, though unwilling to fully take the game Bashir, but could not resist the opportunity to put a spoke in the US wheel, to expand influence in Africa and to test the waters for the landing of the Russian business. Just acted on the tested scheme, which the Russian economy can draw, is sent “atamatov”.

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