ITC: AI overtakes traffic engineers

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 ITC: AI overtaking traffic engineers

ITC recently raised a $5 million investment for its platform, which integrates with existing transportation infrastructure to help optimize vehicle and pedestrian routes.

“We have proven that many traffic jams can be avoided if we manage them before they start, – says Dvir Koenig, co-founder and CTO of ITC. “We are now implementing one of the largest AI traffic management projects in the world that will reduce traffic congestion in Tel Aviv”.

ITC's 5G-based traffic management platform has created software that eliminates congestion. Based on the existing equipment – cameras and traffic lights – computer surveillance and machine learning algorithms have been developed that predict traffic patterns and prevent traffic jams before they accumulate.

In doing so, the software also enforces municipal traffic regulations such as prioritizing public transport, bicycles and pedestrians. The company has proven its ability to reduce traffic congestion, reduce CO2 emissions, and comply with municipality policies, as confirmed on the beta sites of several key players in Israel and abroad.

The idea was born when the wife of the co-founder and CEO Director Aaron Brauner was standing at a traffic light and noticed that the oncoming lane was empty, but the light was still green for a few seconds. She then discussed with her husband the ineffectiveness of existing traffic light control methods. Startup ITC was born the day after her husband Aaron Brauner contacted his friend Dvir Koenig.

ITC provides municipality with a tool to implement its policy – prioritize pedestrians, public transport, or avoid traffic jams.

ITC software connects to existing camera infrastructure. ITC collects data from cameras and studies traffic and the accumulation of traffic jams. Since ITC is a software solution, it is very easy to deploy and its price is more up-to-date than the alternative that requires installation.

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