Italy will force everyone who wants to work to be vaccinated

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In Italy everyone will be forced to vaccinate, who wants to work

Employees without a” green pass “will not be allowed to work.

From October 15, Italy introduces compulsory vaccination from Covid-19 for workers in all spheres. In order to work, they must receive “green passes,” reports with reference to the Commander-in-Chief.

any other workplace without a valid “green ticket”, – the message says.

It is noted that there were difficult discussions on this issue in the country with the participation of the heads of trade unions, but Prime Minister Mario Draghi agreed to make the appropriate decision.

According to the changes, employees of all spheres must have a “green certificate”: both public and private organizations who want to get access to jobs. Thus, the government plans to improve vaccination rates for the new epidemic season and the onset of cold weather in order to form herd immunity. At the same time, negotiations with public forces, business and parties took several weeks.

“We must return to normal life with the restoration of physical presence in all areas. We decided to do this because it is a tool that works, is perceived by people and is controlled, “Draghi said.

According to a government decree, the mechanism for controlling the availability of a pass will be the same as the one that is already in place for sectors where it has become mandatory, in particular for school employees.

“At the entrance to offices and companies, employees must demonstrate a“ green certificate ”to the person in charge, it will be an office manager or a department head. It must be determined by the top management of the organization, as is now happening in schools and universities, “the newspaper writes.

It is added that workers without a” green pass “will not be allowed to work and they will be considered without reason absent. At the same time, violation of the rules will be punished with a fine of 400 to 1000 euros, which can be increased in the event of a forgery of a document. Also, employers can terminate labor relations with an employee if he is absent from work for more than five days.

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