Italy creates new 'rescued art' museum for ancient artefacts

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Italy has been so successful in restoring ancient works of art and artifacts that were illegally taken out of the country that it has created a museum for them.

The Museum of Rescued Art opened on Wednesday in a cavernous structure that is part of Diocletian's ancient Roman Baths. The Octagonal Hall's exhibition space was designed to showcase Italy's efforts through patient diplomacy and litigation to repatriate valuable antiquities, often after decades in foreign museums or private collections.

The new Roman Museum presents exhibits that have never been exhibited in Italy before. The display will be updated every few months as the exhibits return to their territory of origin. Many of them were created by the ancient civilizations of the Etruscans and Greeks in central and southern Italy.

The first exhibition is dedicated to about a hundred of the 260 artifacts seized by the national Carabinieri art paramilitary unit in the United States and brought to Italy in December 2021.

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