Italian woman died in a chair: the body was found two years later

 Italian woman dies in chair: body found two years later

The remains of a 70-year-old woman have been discovered in her home in northern Italy. According to CNN, the woman died about two years ago.

Marinella Beretta lived alone in Lake Comov Lombardy. Her decomposed body was found by the fire brigade.

Beretta's body was found sitting in a chair in the living room. The cause of her death is unknown. The expert, based on the degree of decomposition, determined that the woman died sometime in late 2019.

Police are investigating if the woman has living relatives. The body of Marinella Beretta will remain in the mortuary, the date of the funeral has not yet been set.

The mayor of Como said that the local authorities would take care of organizing the funeral. According to him, the woman was not on the lists of those who need help from social services.

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