Italian Scientist Finds Out Who Really Discovered America

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An Italian scientist found out who actually discovered America

The sailors from Genoa already knew about the land later called America.

Specialist of medieval Latin literature < strong> Professor Paolo Chiesa found out that sailors from Genoa knew about America 150 years before its & # 171; discovery & # 187;, reports with reference to TSN.

The deciphering and detailing of the records of the Milanese monk Galvaneus Flamme for 1345 showed that the sailors from Genoa already knew about the land later called America, but called Markland/Maralada. And some Icelandic sources and scholars identified it as part of the Atlantic coast of North America. It is assumed to be Labrador or Newfoundland.

& # 171; We are dealing with the first mention of the American continent, albeit in a rudimentary form, in the Mediterranean region & # 187; – said Chiesa, professor of literary studies, philology and linguistics at the University of Milan.

He explained that Galvaneus was a Dominican monk who lived in Milan and was associated with the family that served as the head of the city. He wrote several literary works in Latin, mainly on historical themes. His information is valuable for obtaining first-hand information about the history of that time.

The work of the Cronica universalis, which Chiesa analyzed, is considered one of his later works – perhaps the last. It remained unfinished. The material describes in detail the history of the world, from its creation to the moment of publication.

Chiesa said that during the translation of the monk's notes he learned that Genoa could become & # 171; gate & # 187; for novelty, and how Galvaneus accidentally overheard sailors talking about land in the far northwest suitable for commercial gain. And also information about Greenland, which he describes in detail.

& # 171; These rumors were too vague to find a match in cartographic or scientific data & # 187; – explains the professor why Marhalada was not identified as a new land at that time.

In May 2021, Spanish scientists from the University of Granada said they would conduct a DNA test on the remains of Christopher Columbus, the discoverer of America. So they set out to establish the secret of his origin. Part of the seafarer's bone remains were taken from the Seville Cathedral in 2003.

In 2018, the US Immigration and Customs Police handed over to the representatives of Spain a found copy of Christopher Columbus's letter about the discovery of America, which was previously stolen.

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