Italian Football Federation investigates anti-Semitic cries of Lazio fans

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The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) has launched an investigation into anti-Semitic chants of Lazio fans” ahead of their football team's victory over Napoli, a source in the governing body told AFP on Wednesday.

The FIGC said it had opened an investigation into the chant performed by a group of about 100 fans outside the away section at the Maradona stadium on Friday “and which was not heard in the stands during the match.”

A video in which Lazio fans singing this song in front of stewards and police went viral on social media after the team won 1-0 in Naples.

In it they proudly call themselves racists and insult supporters of local Roma rivals, saying that their fathers were deported to Nazi concentration camps.

FIGC announced yesterday that it was investigating unspecified chants against the Napoli striker. Victor Osimhen.

The incident is the latest in a long line of ardent Lazio fans, some of the far right in a country where fascist fan groups are widespread.

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