Italian bequeathed 3 million euros to a caregiver from Moldova

Итальянец завещал 3 миллиона евро сиделке из Молдовы

The old man attached to the assistant

Raisa Rus, a native of Moldova, worked in Italy as a nurse and looked after the elderly Vincenzo Ribatti for 12 years. The old man is sentimentally attached to his assistant and made in favor of the will. After his death it turned out that the nurse Raisa Rus got 3 million in property, cash and jewellery, says the with reference on the most Important.

When relatives, Risatti, the former owner of the hotel in Limone Sul Garda, found out about the extravagant will, they sued, accusing the woman of cheating and the use of the mental stability of the elderly lady. The suspects also was the son of Raisa Danielle and her lawyer Luke Danieli. In court against them were four members of the family Vincenzo Ribatti who considered themselves unfairly bypassed and cheated.

The Italian, who was traveling to Rome on the Navigator, was in Germany

However, the witnesses (including a doctor of the old man, the notary who signed the will, and the Bank’s employees) revealed that Vincenzo Ribatti was of sound mind and has repeatedly stated his intention to leave a legacy to the woman who was taking care of him. The nurse and her son, and the lawyer is fully justified.

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