It will take up to two years for the Hawkeye star to recover from the accident

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 It will take up to two years to restore the Hawkeye star after the accident

On the restoration of the actor Jeremy Renner, who played the main role in the series “Hawkeye” The Marvel Cinematic Universe will be up to two years after a terrible accident last month.

Recall that he was hit by a snowplow while helping a family member to pull the car out of a snowdrift.

Runner underwent several complex surgeries. According to his friends, he almost died from blood loss while waiting for the doctors. According to RadarOnline, his condition was much worse than what the media wrote. According to the source, the right side of the actor's chest was crushed, the upper torso was badly damaged. He was also bleeding heavily from head wounds and injured his leg.

“Jeremy was having trouble breathing. He knew he was in bad shape and that he might not get out of that condition,” said one of his friends.

It is clarified that Renner will probably need new surgeries. Doctors tend to delay surgery in order to allow wounds to heal naturally. Currently, the actor has been discharged from the hospital. He will need rehabilitation.

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