It was revealed which product is killing millions of people

What product is killing millions of people

Scientists have found that the most dangerous product for our body is sugar. Why does this product have such a detrimental effect on the body?

Sugars are low-molecular carbohydrates, organic substances that have a similar structure. We know many types of sugars – glucose, fructose, galactose and others. In small doses, various sugars are found in most foods. There are also low molecular weight sugars – carbohydrates. These include starch, dietary fiber.

If added sugar, for example, a spoonful of sugar in tea, quickly enters the bloodstream, then sugar from fruits and berries differs in that vitamins, microelements, fiber are added to it – and it enters the body gradually, as the useful supplement breaks down. < br />
However, one should not forget that sugar is a product created by man and not by nature.

“This is an artificially obtained product. It is a powder, chemical formula Рfructose plus glucose. No other product on earth has caused as many deaths or as many pathologies as sugar. This is not only diabetes mellitus, but also atherosclerosis, stroke, heart attack. There is such a thing as glycation Рthe dissolution of proteins with sugar, glucose, '' said Aleksey Kovalkov, Doctor of Medicine, in an interview.

It should be noted that if we consume too much sugar, our body is simply not able to digest this amount of carbohydrates. Hence obesity, diabetes mellitus, stroke, heart attack.

Note that 75% of food in the supermarket contains added sugar.

When sugar is frequently consumed, processes occur that reduce the level hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for maintaining the moisture level of the skin. Which does colossal harm. The skin becomes dry, dehydrated and lifeless. Dark circles under the eyes, swelling and enlarged pores may also appear. Doctors say that if you give up sugar for two weeks, your skin will begin to glow.

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