It turned out what kind of woman Brad Pitt is looking for

 Find out what kind of woman Brad Pitt is looking for

Not so long ago, rumors appeared on the net that Hollywood actor Brad Pitt was dating his neighbor, Swedish singer Lyukka Lee. However, insiders hurried to refute this information, assuring the public that the stars had not communicated for several years.

A source close to Angelina Jolie's ex-husband also told what kind of woman is ideal for Pitt. It turns out that he has one basic requirement.

The first thing the – Brad Pitt “loves privacy, so he stays out of the public eye.” The actor is currently not dating anyone and is trying to make his life as private as possible. And the girl will be chosen according to the main principle – his date should be “completely different from his exes,” he told HollywoodLife.

He also noted that not every girl would be able to date Pitt. And also – that the actor really wants to find a soul mate. But due to the increased attention of the press, he does not succeed.

“He needs a strong woman who can withstand pressure from the outside. If an actor starts spending time with a girlfriend, Internet users will say that they are dating, & ndash; underlined source

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