It looks like the new flagship Apple store in Dubai (PHOTOS)

So it looks like a real luxury.

New flagship Apple store — the Apple Dubai Mall opened its doors in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It occupied two floors in the famous Dubai Mall, reports the with reference for a Fresher.

The authors of the project were architects London firm Foster + Partners, which pushed its decision on mashrabia element of traditional Arab architecture, which is a Bay window covered with decorative wood lattice. A wide terrace with a length of 56 meters, envelope the facade of the store, equipped with shields made of carbon fiber, which rotate on its axis, protecting the building from the sun by day and opening night, to allow visitors to enjoy views of the Burj Khalifa — the highest skyscraper on the planet. The movement of these “solar wings” reminiscent of the flapping of the wings of an eagle.

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“To some extent it is a very spiritual experience — contemplation flowing through them of the sun, creating the most exquisite and beautiful drawings of light and shadow. The perfect mix of technology and culture,” says Stefan of beling (Stefan Behling), the head of the Studio Foster + Partners.

As designed by the firm Foster + Partners the Apple stores in London and San Francisco, Dubai also established a series of cylindrical planters with real trees. Planters equipped with a mechanical device causing them to rotate to the plants evenly lit by the sun. Integrated into their edge of the seat provide visitors a comfortable place to enjoy the amazing view opening from the terrace.

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