It is necessary to wash all store-bought products: explanation virusology

Чи треба мити всі куплені в магазині продукти: пояснення вірусологині

To wash packing products
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Authoritative Ukrainian virusologist and doctor of medical Sciences Alla Myronenko said any measures against the coronavirus that is effective and needed, and what is the product of panic. Read, in order not to repeat mistakes!

Alla Mironenko, head of Department, respiratory and other viral infections of the Institute of epidemiology and infectious diseases named after L. V. hromashevsky of NAMS of Ukraine. For the past 30 years she has been studying infectious diseases, therefore, as nobody in Ukraine can professionally answer the question about the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

In an interview to “NV” virusologist commented on measures which are currently practiced by the Ukrainians. According to her, wash your hands with soap and to wear masks in crowded places – you need but to wash all brought from supermarket products with soap and thoroughly thermally treating raw meat – not necessarily.

Wash hands with soap and treating them with antiseptic after contact with potentially contaminated surfaces is correct. Wearing a mask is also correct, if you visit crowded places or use a lift. Wear and mask and gloves, which after use can be discarded, and hands sanitized,” said Mironenko.

Wash all brought food and packaging with soap and water is panic. Wash before eating products in the usual manner, wash your hands before eating. It is unlikely you will get a coronavirus from a pack of eggs from the supermarket. Recommendations for meat is part of the recommendations for China, where as the usual sauce, use fresh blood. You hardly use it, explained virusologist.

The expert also stressed that the walk outdoors carries no risk. “These measures – is the product of fear, I guess. On the street you can’t get infected. There is the wind and the sun are deleterious for the virus. The main thing – with the patients on the street don’t kiss. A walk in the Park is not only useful, but necessary, it calms the nervous system, shattered quarantine,” – said Alla Mironenko.


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