It is estimated the losses of Russia due to failed missile launch

Подсчитаны убытки России из-за неудачных запусков ракет

Roscosmos has estimated the losses.

In the years 2010-2018 Russia has lost more than 35 billion rubles due to an emergency space launches, the insurance payout covered from this amount, only 20 billion rubles. It is reported by the Annex to the draft government decree prepared by the Federal space Agency, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

“During this period there have been 11 emergency start, and space technology. Damage to the Russian Federation amounted to more than 35 billion rubles,” — the document says.

While the losses of the Russian space Agency for 8 years from accidents with uninsured space launches amounted to 10.5 billion rubles, “the sources of reimbursement that do not have”.

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Just 2010-2018 was insured launches more than 80 spacecraft. The sum insured amounted to 187,5 billion. “The organization of insurance spent about 15 billion roubles of budget funds and funds of the state Corporation Roscosmos (of which subsidies of about 12 billion rubles), accounting for 8% of the value of space technology”, — the document says.

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