It is desirable to do in the so-called “special week” from 14 to 22 December to the New year is brought into the house of happiness and luck

Guessing innermost desires and expect that once strikes 12 hours and come the New year, will begin a whole new period in our lives.

Що бажано зробити в так званий "осoбливий тиждень" з 14 по 22 грудня щоб Новий рік приніс у дім щастя та везіння

Christmas mood is all around! A wonderful time when we, even adults, the fathers, become little children and begin to believe in miracles, reports Rus.Media.

Guessing innermost desires and expect that once strikes 12 hours and come the New year, will begin a whole new period in our lives. There will be no place for hard feelings, anxiety, and other anchors that will not allow us to feel the wings behind the back.

All right! On new year’s day starts a new life cycle and new desires, goals, dreams. But they will not come true if you don’t remember today about one very important thing.

The Council first

To let in your world is something you should let go and say goodbye to the old one. And old say goodbye to competently and on time! And you’re in luck, because on 14 December starts the last period, when you can start to throw away old clothes, which will last until December 22.

Tip two

To understand why it is so important to get rid of the old it is advisable in this period. For reference: this is the first quarter will be in the sign Gemini, which governs our communication, relationships, exchange of gifts and achievements, visits, guests, receptions, meetings with unfamiliar people . For the year we are faced with a huge number of people – that is, have a bit of a strange sort of energy.

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Imagine how much energy waste in the us accumulate? A lot! And the threat that this waste is slowly “stealing” your energy, your strength, your luck. The conclusion is simple: clutter out of the house! It remains to understand what constitutes “unnecessary”?

Tip three

“Extra” will rise a bunch, when you proceed to the stage of the audit and selection of 9 (!) Things on the release. Enter the “nine” can:

old gifts that you did not like and did not cause joy at the time of donation;

things that you bought in a bad mood, and now they don’t bring you joy;

things, items that were long forgotten by your friends or random people;

small things that you long ago borrowed, but still have not found the time to return;

old/bad content writing and SMS on your phone or other gadget;

things that were donated by people, trying on the image of the victim.

To bring these things from home does not mean throw it in the trash. The good thing is you can give, to give away or to return with a pure heart, positive.

Once you do, you will feel like you will be easier to breathe and meet new happiness!

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