It is dangerous for the heart: from which we cannot refrain men

Опасно для сердца: от чего нельзя воздерживаться мужчинам

Scientists explain that men cannot restrain themselves in the morning — it is fraught with diseases of the heart

The study was conducted by scientists at Harvard University. They found that if a man doesn’t eat Breakfast in the morning, and it can cause heart disease.

The experiment involved 27 000 men. Carefully studied the data on the health status of each Respondent for 16 years.

Established the dependence of the health of men from certain factors. As a result, scientists came to the conclusion that the rejection of Breakfast leads to coronary heart disease. Among the participants found 1500 cases of this disease. It was noted that at the beginning of the experiment, none of the men cardiovascular diseases did not suffer.

Опасно для сердца: от чего нельзя воздерживаться мужчинам

A full balanced Breakfast helps men to avoid problems with heart disease. The rejection of bad habits (Smoking, zloupotreblenie alcohol and sedentary lifestyle) will further strengthen the health of a strong half of mankind.

Опасно для сердца: от чего нельзя воздерживаться мужчинам

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The results of their research scientists published in the journal Circulation. They summed up: 27% the risk of cardiovascular diseases likely for those men who smoke, abuse alcohol, lead a sedentary lifestyle and refuse Breakfast.

As reported, scientists from the University of Cairo said that gray hair in men talking about heart problems.

The study involved 545 adult men. Experts found that men with more gray hair often faced with diseases of the heart and blood vessels. The results did not depend on the age of the volunteers.

Researchers evaluated the prevalence and degree of gray hair among participants with coronary artery disease, usually associated with atherosclerosis. The researchers took into account age and major risk factors of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and Smoking.

The study showed that participants with coronary heart disease hair was more gray. In addition, the level of calcification of the coronary arteries, they have proved to be higher than in volunteers without ischemic heart disease.

Опасно для сердца: от чего нельзя воздерживаться мужчинам

According to the researchers, atherosclerosis and occurrence of gray hair common causes — the violation of the process of DNA repair, oxidative stress, inflammation, hormonal changes and the aging of cells.

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