It couldn’t do 100 years: the student has solved a difficult physics problem

Її не могли подужати 100 років: студент розв'язав складну фізичну задачу

Air bubbles always rise to the top of the vessel

The Swiss student was able to find the answer to the riddle, which did not give the scientist more than 100 years. The guy found out why the air bubble rises in a narrow vertical vessel. To search for the answer the student has carried out a number of measurements and was able to explain why this is so.

Each saw in the bottle of mineral water the air in the form of bubbles rises to the surface of the water. This phenomenon has long been clear, in terms of physical processes. But until that time nobody could understand why the air is not moving in a narrow tube, the thickness of which is only a few millimeters.

Usually if the fluid is stationary, the air does not meet obstacles should arise. For all time put forward different opinions. For example, that it is a very thin liquid film.

Student Wasim Dhawad after the study has concluded that an air bubble does not get stuck in the vessel. In fact, it moves very slowly. So that gesture, not catches. The output helped to make the interferometric method of study. Wasim Dhawad believes that the findings will help in the study of movements in different liquids in the special conditions.

Її не могли подужати 100 років: студент розв'язав складну фізичну задачу

In fact, the air does not get stuck in the vessel

This is another step forward in science, which will be an important complement some existing research. He also will contribute to new discoveries, for example, in the field of biological systems.

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